International Missions


Pray, Give and Go

We define missions as “helping to advance the kingdom of God cross-culturally.” A vital principle for all Christians is involvement in Jesus’ Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. GCC supports seven international individuals or couples serving in England, Kenya, India, Chile and more. Because missions is not just for missionaries, we are committed to serving the cause of missions in three ways:

  • Praying: Pray with our missionaries, and for their prayer desires. Consider contacting our missionaries to be added to their prayer lists, or join our weekly Missions Prayer Meetings on Thursdays.
  • Going: Building dynamic relationships with our missionaries and those they serve, through visiting and serving them in their country.
  • Giving: We join in missions in a powerful way when we make our resources available to those serving on the ground internationally. When we give, we become SENDERS for the people and partners with the ministry.

Plan Your Next Mission Trip


Cindy Perry

Mission Agency: Development Associates Intl.

Cindy has served in Nepal since 1980. Currently she serves DAI as Senior Consultant for the Himalayan Region. She is the leader on a DAI program called “Leadership Himalaya”, which focuses on the development of emerging young Christian leaders.


Kent & Mary Alice Martin

Mission Agency: Betel International

The Martins are Directors of a Betel church planting effort reaching out to alcoholics, drug addicts or any other destitute person. They have served with Betel since 1991, first in Madrid, Spain and now in Birmingham, England. Together Betel’s U.K. residences (in Birmingham, Watford, Nottingham and Ireland) host up to 175 men and women at no cost to the residents. Betel of Britain has received multiple awards for their very unique and effective holistic ministry.


Ngao & Grace Mazira

Mission Agency: Royal Kids Pre-School

Ngao & Grace minister TO their community in Mombasa, THROUGH children. As founders of the Royal Kids School, they lead with a vision that all 400+ of “their children” will grow in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man. Started in 2000, their school reaches children from many different backgrounds including up to 30% of which are from Islamic households. Their passion comes from Matt. 19:14 where Jesus says: “Let the little children come unto me.”


Colleen Conley

Mission Agency: Mercy Ships International

Colleen Conley volunteers full time with Mercy Ships as the Medical Laboratory Manager. Mercy Ships is a Christian global charity that uses hospital ships to bring free medical care and relief and development to some of the poorest people of the world. Serving since 1995, Colleen spends her time both in the USA and onboard ships in Africa working in the laboratory, obtaining medical supplies, supporting staff, recruiting lab volunteers, and raising awareness of Mercy Ships among lab supply corporations and professionals.


Dale & Kathy Mast

Mission Agency: Youth with a missions (YWAM)

Dale & Kathy have served with the YWAM base in Pichilemu, Chile, for the past six years and have recently relocated to Richmond, VA, to continue with YWAM there. Their mission is “To Build and to Teach”. Kathy is a fulltime instructor in the English Language and Culture School and Dale continues with the vision of organizing IMPACT Teams for Pichilemu, Chile, and for other overseas projects as well.


International school of Practical Ministry

Mission Agency: Evangel Theological Seminary

The “International School of Practical Ministry” was developed to train pastors and leaders from developing nations, where formal Biblical training is either non-existent or too expensive. In 6 years Evangel has had the privilege of conducting on-the-ground training for over 700 pastors from 4 African nations. This training and additional resource materials is all offered at no charge to these pastors. Funds for this strategic program are raised by Evangel here in the U.S. The goal of handing this program back to indigenous certified instructors was first realized in 2014 in Sierra Leone and in Cameroon in 2015. Over the next 3 years, Evangel plans to train an additional 1,100 pastors in Africa. During that same time period, Evangel also hopes to certify instructors in 2 more African nations. Once this goal is attained, a total of 4 African nations will have trained and certified indigenous instructors, enabling Evangel to entertain additional opportunities for pastoral training in other developing nations.