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The goal of the Grace Worship & Grace Sound Teams at Grace Covenant Church can be summed up in the scripture Psalm 150: “Praise the Lord! … Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord! Praise the Lord!” Corporate worship at Grace Covenant Church moves us toward a deeper walk with God and the understanding that our worship is for God, rather than our preference or tradition. It is our hope to be able to communicate the biblical truth that corporate worship exists to bless God for who He is and all that He has done, in a passionate, diverse and authentic way. It is our confidence that as we lead the congregation to lift up the Messiah through corporate worship, that He will draw us all closer to Him, as well as He will draw those who don’t know Him yet into the Kingdom of God. Put simply, the GRACE WORSHIP & GRACE SOUND teams exist to help connect the hearts of people to the heart of God during our corporate worship.

Being on Grace Sound and Grace Worship should be viewed as positions that require much skill and responsibility. We are ALL leading our church into something greater! And in order to advance our calling as worshipers we need to be together as one. We believe our duty in this volunteer position is of utmost importance. God is calling us to do our very best in any and every aspect that we are working.

Grace Covenant Church values creativity and artistic expression as a means to glorify God. We believe we are creative and artistic because God has made us in His ever-creative image. Every child of God has the ability to be imaginative, creative and artistic in a unique way. God has created all artistic expressions for His worship, ultimately to reveal the truth of His word and to communicate hope in Christ.

Grace Covenant Church utilizes various technologies in support of these creative expressions, which we believe our people find helpful in connecting with God. Through the use of live audio, projection, videos, lighting and stage production, Grace sound and projection teams use technology to encourage and enhance each worship experience.

Grace Covenant Church celebrates varied expressions of art in our corporate worship which the majority of our people find helpful in connecting with God. The means of corporate worship we at Grace Covenant Church celebrate include music, singing, dance, art, video, prophetic song, words of knowledge, prophecy, preaching and teaching. It is our belief at Grace Covenant Church that worshiping God means moving individually closer to Him, while moving our city, our nation and the world closer to God. Our goal of worship expression is birthed out of a desire to draw everyone closer to Christ, and to fulfill our mission; Love Big, Grow Deep, and Go Out! It is our hope that corporate worship at Grace Covenant Church would lead us beyond inspiring Sunday meetings, to missions in our city, our nation and around the world.

We are grateful for your interest in using the arts and sharing your skills in the musical and technical arts to facilitate and empower worship at Grace Covenant! Join us as we explore one of the most exciting responsibilities in the church.


Sarah Blackwell, Worship Director

Phone: 540-908-1678 // Email: sblackwell@gcch.org

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